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LED Lighting has totally revolutionized energy efficient lighting. In the past use of LED Lighting was thought to be expensive but recent leaps in technology coupled with major price reduction it is now an affordable way to reduce Energy Consumption and vastly reduce Electricty Bills.


LED Lighting is now avaliable for almost any situation and comes in many forms - downlights, standard lights, tubes, floodlights, low/high bay lighting to name but a few and can also be dimmed if required. It also comes in thin self adhesive strips that are even water resistant should they be required outdoors or in a bathroom. LED Strips can be a static colour and are avaliable in various colours, and there are also automatic colour changing strips controlled via remote control or even touch screen colour spectrum wheels. The design and use of LED Lighting is limitless and makes for great focal points within any room.


BMES Scotland Ltd can advise, design and install all types of LED Lighting and can help with letting your imagination run riot!!


If you require any advice on installing the latest LED Technology our specialist installers can offer assistance.      

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